Humidification for fruit, vegetable and food storage

When fruit and vegetables arrive in the kitchen, they have usually already traveled a long way. So that substances such as vitamins and enzymes are preserved, adequate conditions must be maintained during transport and storage.

Vegetables can only be stored for two days at 20°C. At a temperature of 2°C with 80% relative humidity, however, they remain as fresh and rich in vitamins as they were on the day
they were bought, for up to two weeks.

Dry air also causes fruit to lose weightand thus sales value

with controlled humidity
with dry air
As fruit and vegetables dry out and shrivel up quickly at low temperatures, the right humidity must be ensured. An appropriately sized humidification system in both the stockrooms and the display area ensures that fruit and vegetables remain fresh and salable, with no loss of weight.
Pome fruit
Bread / baked goods